Article Processing Charge (APC)

We are non-profitable organisation

Similar to others, there is no paper, no mailing, no subscriptions, and no restriction against using and sharing articles published in our journals. But we do have to pay for maintaining published articles in online repositories. In addition, articles need graphics, formatting, and the editing services we provide, in order to meet rigorous academic standards. Like any other open access publishing company, FOREX Press Journals (FPJ) has paid employees.

It is for the above reasons that we charge article processing fees. Article processing fees basically an editorial service charge vary from journal to journal on basis of citation and indexing . Please contact your specific journal with questions. Email addresses can be found on each journal's homepage.

Processing fee will required according to mode of publication with the following criteria:

Regular Mode - In this mode, Time frame will be large in this section. Acceptance will take 45 days after plagiarism check, verifying English quality and writing style. Final publication take around 90 days which includes original research and verification of simulation and fabrication results. In case there is discrepancy or any amendment required after review process then maximum time will be 60 days or more. After successful publication, paper will be online and accessable from OPEN ACCESS directory of the journal.

Quick Mode - In this mode, Acceptance will take 10-15 days after plagiarism check, verifying English quality and writing style. Quality papers after a quick review process will be published within 30 days of the submission and In case there is discrepancy or any amendment required after review process then maximum time will be 30 days or more. Processing fee (See below in Table) will required after acceptance of the paper.

APC for Publishing in Journals (Regular and Quick mode)

Journal Title Regular Mode - APC Quick Mode - APC
International Journal of Applied Science Research 75 (USD), 70 (Euro) 125 (USD), 110 (Euro)
International Journal of Business & Management Research 150 (USD), 130 (Euro) 200 (USD), 170 (Euro)
International Journal of Civil Engineering Research 75 (USD), 70 (Euro) 125 (USD), 110 (Euro)
International Journal of Computer Science Research 100 (USD), 90 (Euro) 150 (USD), 130 (Euro)
International Journal of Clinical & Pharmaceutical Research 75 (USD), 70 (Euro) 125 (USD), 110 (Euro)
International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Research 150 (USD), 130 (Euro) 200 (USD), 170 (Euro)
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research 75 (USD), 70 (Euro) 125 (USD), 110 (Euro)

This (mentioned in above table) amount is limited to only 12 pages manuscripts (final copy, prepared after proofreading and review), and if the article is more than 12 pages, author will have to pay an additional $ 10 per page.

Book/Thesis Publication Charges: The fee for editorial work (proofreading, copy editing, plagiarism) and publication of the thesis and book will be charged on the basis of word count and After submitting the book/thesis, the editor will contact you and tell you the estimated publication cost, which author will have to pay within 3 days, if the author does not pay even after issuing the alert repeatedly by the editor, then the book/thesis will be automatically removed from our database.

It is not necessary that all published thesis and books will be sold online or in print. The entire process will be entirely dependent on the publisher choice. if editors, recommend the publisher about content and market demand then only particular book and thesis will prepare for marketing and sell and the publisher will not be bound in any way.

Payment Options & How to get published articles

Important Note:

  Online First lets users access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. These articles are searchable and citable by their DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Formatting depends on the reference style of the journal, but in principle you can simply use the DOI instead of volume and page numbers, as in the following example:

Mahendra Kumar, chin shu, Mogan D (2007) Novel techniques in image processing for detection of color images. International journal of computer science research. doi: 10.37391/p00421-008-0945-7

   Our Fees Committee regularly reviews the fees once in three year and makes recommendations to our Board. APC for article publishing will revise in July 2020 after three year and it will be based on indexing in scientific database & other publishing and editorial expenses . From July 1, 2020 our all previous fees will also be available on website for our customer accountability and We are committed to publishing on the lowest cost.

   FOREX Press offers "50% discount on APC" till 25 March 2020 is provided in some journals (i.e. IJCPR, IJASR) of our publication house. To become eligible for this offer, authors need to like and share the forex promotion activities from their social media platform. Once author become eligible then submit paper for discounted or free publication.

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