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Our IJCER, IJCSR, IJMER, IJCPR, IJASR flagship journal : Article processing charges are currently waived for all authors until December 2021 submission.

The term “free journals” and “open access” being used frequently by the publishers but at some points, these terms are very confusing for the authors. Free Journals term used only for our those journals which are free for article publication and does not take any kind of fee or Article processing charges (APC) from author to publish their research work. On the other hand, the term ‘open-access’ journal used only for those journals who are offering everyone to read and download articles freely without charging any kind of fee (neither access fee nor subscription fee).

Authors are requested to read author guidelines of the corresponding journal and follow it precisely to prepare the research paper. Author guideline is available at the For Author of each journal. The author will require to provide all information for each author in the manuscript and all author(s) specified in the manuscript must be added during online submission in step 3 with proper order and complete detail. Reference citation and reference list should be followed as specified in the author guideline of the journal. All relevant information regarding the journal is available in the Features/About section of the journal at their homepage.

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