Aim and Scope

Publishing Aim

FOREX publication aims to provide a scholastic platform for researchers and academia to share innovations, theory and practices of various research fields of clinical and medical sciences, pharmaceutical, engineering & technology, business & management, life science and applied science. The importance will be on publishing quality papers rapidly and freely available to global community.

The aim of the publication is to:

Our Journals provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in all area of clinical, medical, pharmaceutical , Engineering , life science , business and management ,applied science and allied fields Research.

Bridge the gap of users who do not have access to major databases where one should pay for every downloaded article; this online publication introduced OALF tool provides platform open access at global level for scientific society.

Committed to provide quality article, content to existing & new users and trying to stands and competitive with big brands in research publication field.

Dispense a platform for publishing results and research with a strong empirical component.

Aqueduct the significant gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research.

Seek original and unpublished research papers based on theoretical or experimental works for the publication globally.

Scope of publication

The scope of the FOREX Press is to provide an academic medium to researchers of clinical , pharmaceutical, business & management , science and various engineering fields and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching and research in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, business ,engineering, science and technology.

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