Special Issue Proposal

A Special Issue suggested by the Lead Guest Editor, dedicated collections of articles that highlight emerging areas of research within a field within the purview of a journal and are regularly published by FOREX Publication. Peer review of submitted articles and Special Issue promotion are under the purview of this team.

Propose a Special Issue

As the Lead Guest Editor of a Special Issue, you can be at the forefront of scientific communication, encouraging continued research in important areas while gaining editorial experience and improving your academic profile. There are many other additional benefits to being a Guest Editor.

The sections below will help you in writing and submitting a Special Issue proposal, as well as understanding what will be required of you as a Lead Guest Editor or a Guest Editor of a Special Issue if your proposal is approved.

If you have an idea for a Special Issue that you would like to propose for one of our journals please follow the guidelines

Submit a special issue proposal

We welcome proposals from interested parties for Special Issues on topics of relevance to the aims & scope of the journals. The objective of Special Issues is to bring together recent and high-quality works in a research domain, to promote key advances in theory and applications and to provide overviews of the state-of-the-art in emerging domains. Once your proposal is accepted, you will serve as the Lead Guest Editor.

Before submitting your Special Issue proposal, please ensure that it fits within the scope of the journal and meets our editorial guidelines. Please also check there are no overlaps with a currently open Special Issue, as it might delay the launch of your Special Issue if accepted.

Download the Special Issue Proposal Form and complete it with all the necessary details if you have a proposal for a special issue. The completed proposal form should be submit to editor of journal at editor_ijeer@forexjournal.co.in for IJEER and editor_ijbmr@forexjournal.co.in of IJBMR or editor@forexjournal.co.in for Others.

Download SI Proposal form -

Prepare a Special Issue

The sections below will help you in writing a qualified Special Issue proposal.

Special Issue proposals should include:

● The title of the Special Issue;

● An introduction of 150-400 words to state the Special Issue’s significance;

● A list of at least 6 keywords that the Special Issue intends to focus on;

● Manuscript Submission Due (A Special Issue can be open for submission for 6-12 months);

● The name and contact email address of the Lead Guest Editor, along with a brief CV

Choose a Special Issue Topic

Ensure that the topic of your proposal is within the scope of the journal you are submitting it to. The scope of your Special Issue should be broad enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions but narrow enough to provide a cohesive collection of articles. The Special Issue should cover a small part of the scope of the journal, but not all of it.

We strongly recommend that you look at the open Special Issues in the journal before submitting your proposal. This will provide you with an understanding of the level of specificity we look for in Special Issue topics. It will also help you to ensure that there is no overlap between your proposed topic and any currently open Issues.

Describe the Aim and Scope

The scope should state the intended focus of the Special Issue. It should emphasize the current relevance of the subject and indicate why new research on the subject is warranted.

It is key to strike a balance between length and detail. Too little detail could result in a lack of focus or scientific merit. Too much detail can be overly prescriptive and limit interest in the Special Issue. FOREX Publication recommends approximately 300 words for the statement of scope.

Suggest Keywords

In addition to the statement of scope, a Special Issue should include at least 6-8 keywords. These keywords are ‘signposts’ for the direction of the Special Issue, providing authors with guidance on areas in which they may wish to submit. Suggested keywords are another opportunity to focus the Special Issue, but the Lead Guest Editor should be wary of excessively narrowing the scope.

Preparing a Call for Papers

Special Issue proposal should take the form of a Call for Papers, which will be submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal for assessment. If the proposal is approved, the Call for Papers will help researchers to find the Special Issue and submit their manuscripts.

Recruiting an Editorial Team

Special Issues are led by a single Lead Guest Editor and a team of 2 - 5 Guest Editors. Guest Editors are integral to the success of a Special Issue. They are responsible for:

● Managing the peer review process of submitted manuscripts

● Making final decisions on submitted manuscripts

To understand the workflow of articles, Please refer to the Special Issue Guidelines

Benefits and Responsibilities of Lead Editor

All Special Issues are led by a single Lead Guest Editor and a team of Guest Editors. We encourage the Lead Guest Editor to invite researchers in the domain of the Special Issue or closely related fields to join the Special Issue as Guest Editors. As the Lead Guest Editor or the Guest Editor, you will be entitled to the following benefits and will assume corresponding responsibilities:


● Be awarded Certificate of Honor (electronic version).

● Get your name listed on the journal website.

● Be at the forefront of scientific communications.


● Recruit a guest editor team to review the manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue.

● Promote your Special Issue and invite authors to submit manuscripts.

● Make decisions on the acceptance or rejection of submitted manuscripts.

● Cross-check the manuscripts and ensure their quality.

● Conduct peer review for the manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue.

● Ensure that the peer review process is fair, unbiased, and timely.

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