How to Join as Editor?

Roles and Responsibilities of Editors and Members of the Editorial Board

   Provide guidance to authors about criteria for authorship and/or who should be listed as a contributor following the standards within the relevant field alongwith everything else that is expected of them.

   Editors should require reviewers to disclose any potential competing interests before agreeing to review a submission.

   Editors should encourage and be willing to consider cogent criticisms of work published in the journal.

   Editors should respond promptly to complaints and should ensure there is a way for dissatisfied complainants to take complaints further.

   Editors should have clearly defined policies on advertising in relation to the content of the journal and on processes for publishing sponsored supplements.

   Editors should have systems for managing their own conflicts of interest as well as those of their staff, authors, reviewers and editorial board members.

   Editors must take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred, including plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data falsification/fabrication, among others.

How to Join as Editor or Member of the Editorial Board?

The following statements apply to both Editor and Member of the Editorial Board.

  The position of editor is purely voluntary in nature.

  Every candidate wanting to be enrolled as editor is required to sign and a submit a confidentially agreement.

  Confidentially agreement is to be signed and submitted to the Editorial Office only once during the full tenure as editor.

   The editor will be sent an Editor Manual to be used as a reference for manuscript review process. Please note that the Editor Manual is a confidential document. Please do not share the contents of the Editor Manual with anyone.

   As the circumstances may change from time to time for any editor, an editor is free to exit the Editorial Board of a journal at any time, by giving a notice of at least 15 days. Notice period will allow us to may make alternate arrangements for the manuscripts assigned to the editor wanting to exit the Editorial Board.

   An editor is considered an ambassador for the journal. He/she is expected to promote the journal in the scientific community in editorial capacity but without using any coercive measures. It is the editor's prerogative to provide any other services to or for the journal.

Currently, we are not accepting applications through our editorial manager system, so interested editor members can send us their CVs and Membership Forms along with their latest photos by email at or

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