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Free publishing under Green-OA route

There are individual self-archiving policies by journal or publisher that determine the terms and conditions e.g. which article version may be used and when the article can be made openly accessible in the repository (also called an embargo period).

Free Publishing offer under Gold-OA route

Details of offers in our full open access (Gold-OA) journals are:

  • IJASR, IJCPR, IJCSR, IJMER, IJCER : our flagship journal, the article processing charge is currently waived for all authors till December 2020 submission.
  • IJBMR, IJEER : an article processing charge will be applied.
  • Important : To be eligible for free publication under this proposal, author must take our free of cost membership.

      Join our editorial board :Each submission to a FOREX Press journal is assigned to an Academic Editor, who assesses the scope and quality of the manuscript and manages the peer review process. Each journal has an independent Editorial Board made up of highly qualified academics from institutions around the globe. In addition to running the review process, Editors contribute to the growth and direction of our journals in a number of ways.

    We hope that our Editors will be keen to share their hard work with colleagues, collaborators, and other connections. The most successful journals are those that are supported and promoted by their Editorial Boards.

    We encourage Editors to discuss their journals at conferences, add them to their online profiles, and promote them at conferences. Click here to Join

      Join as an Research Expert : To provide technical solutions for students, scientist or research scholars. It will be paid service depending on the amount of time and difficulty involved.

    Keynote Speaker: It gives you the opportunity to be called by institutions for various academic events. It will be a paid service and all the payments will be done by organising institute.

    Research writers: To provide complete research work to students in need of help. It will be a paid service. We will provide you details of topic and research and amount of work required paper writing, research work (simulation and fabrication) , thesis writing and you will be paid accordingly.

    To register, go to the 'Register as Experts / Research consultant' page on the FOREX Press Portal or Click here to Register as an expert

      Our research consultancy services : We are a mission-driven business working to improve the effectiveness and impact of research and scholarly communication. We act as trusted advisors to universities, research scholars, independent research firm in worldwide. As an research consultant we are working like a bridge between Researchers and Resources (Research expert, Keynote speaker, Research writers ). For queries and demand send email us at

      Call proposal for organise conference : Call for proposals to organise the next FOREX Press Conference - 2020 (FPC 2020), FPC annual conference series is starting and we looking for global opportunity in field of conferences.

    For detailed information click here

      Call proposal for special issues to our journals : FOREX Press will begin to publish special issues that focus on topics of interest to the journal's readers. Qualified scientists, researchers , editors are encouraged to organize and guest edit special issues in their expertise areas. For any queries, please contact us at