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"Open Access" fundamental is when publications are freely availble online to all at no cost and with limited restrictions with regards reuse. The unrestricted distribution of research is especially important for authors (as their work gets seen by more people), readers (as they can access and build on the most recent work in the field) and funders (as the work they fund has broader impact by being able to reach a wider audience).

Our open access category for accepting articles

Gold-Open Access

The FOREX Press provides all authors with the option to make their article gold open access through payment of an article processing charge on acceptance in any of our journals.

Gold OA makes the final version of an article freely and permanently accessible for everyone, immediately after publication. Copyright for the article is retained by the authors and most of the permission barriers are removed.

Gold OA publications offer: All of the articles are gold open access, usually after payment of an article processing charge. The content is available free online for everyone to read. Our full open access journals are:

Our IJASR, IJCPR, IJCER, IJCSR, IJMER flagship journal : Article processing charges are currently waived for all authors until june 2021 submission.

Our IJEER, IJBMR journals: Article processing charges will be applied.

Important: just because a journal offers free access to content this does not mean is it Open Access. As described above Gold OA also allows the re-use of the work as long as the authors are acknowledged and cited as they retain the copyright. Simply allowing everyone with an internet connection to read the content does not constitute gold OA.

Advantages of Open Access

Open access publishing benefits you in both your roles – as an author and as a reader. The advantages of open access are:

   All published articles are freely available to all readers, in any part of the world. Free availability of your work published under open access means more citations for your articles and increased impact of your work.

   Authors also benefit from work of other researchers published under open access. They are free to download and read their work and this provides you with the latest, peer-reviewed research information without charges.

   Authors retain the copyright of their articles, which means they can freely reproduce and distribute their work. No permission is required from the publisher to use their own work as happens in traditional subscription based journals.

   Everyone in the academic community has immediate and free access to the results of your research.

   The articles published under open access are fully citable.

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